Inversa provides unique asset management technology for Governments and Fortune 500 energy companies with an objective of extending the life of service and optimizing budgets on critical infrastructure.

Founded in 2005, Inversa Systems Ltd. Is an engineering solutions company that provides assessment and asset integrity management services to consulting engineers and asset owners. Inversa’s core competency lies in the creation of unique high-end technologies to provide previously impossible to obtain diagnostic information about the condition of the world’s physical infrastructure. These unique solutions result in a large return on investment for asset owners, via optimized asset integrity management.

Insight™ is Inversa’s flagship technology and the foundation of the company. The Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) imaging system is a unique form of imaging that brings the diagnostic capability of medical CAT scan to industry. Insight™ allows an image to be created of the internal contents of a solid object without contact and complements many non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques. As part of the civil BCT suite, Inversa also provides rehabilitation recommendations for large diameter CMP. The innovation compliments the BCT offering, as it provides asset owners with tangible results unlike solely visual/acoustic inspection approaches. The innovation improves the relevance and reliability of first line inspection of CMP.

Since inception, Inversa has developed two products for commercialization in niche markets: trenchless services in the civil infrastructure market and asset integrity management for off-shore oil and gas market.

To support the developing civil infrastructure market, Inversa has partnered with Martech in Western Canada, MMG, Ace Pipe Cleaning, and Ground Works Solutions in the US (which provides sales and operational support in approximately 65% of the US market).





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